Frame Solenoid

Frame solenoid is a fundamental design of solenoid. Due to the simple design, this type of solenoid usually is less costly and able to be applied to a wide variety of size and application.
The principle of open type solenoid is converting electricity into kinetic energy to generate push or pull force to achieve mechanical function such as latch. This type of solenoid is widely used in many different applications. For example, Toy, medical apparatus, home appliances, automobile, vending machine, game machine, and auto-door lock, etc.
Summit is able to customize products which according to the needs of clients of different power, stroke and force.

pull/push action frame solenoid, 10 mm stroke, 12VDC

10mm stroke, voltage and moving direction(push or pull) can be customized base on requirement.

pullpush action frame solenoid, 3 mm stroke, 12VDC

3mm stroke, 12VDC can be customized by requirement. Small size solenoid. Suitable for the devices which have dimensions requirement.

pullpush action frame solenoid, 2 mm stroke, 12VDC

2 mm stroke, 12VDC, customizable voltage.

pullpush action frame solenoid, 5 mm stroke, 6VDC

5 mm stroke, 6 VDC, Customized design service available.

pullpush action frame solenoid with magnet, 4-10 mm stroke, 24VDC

4-10 mm stroke, 24VDC, Customized design service available. Monostable solenoid.

pullpush action frame solenoid with magnet, 6.35 mm stroke, 12VDC

6.35 mm stroke, 12VDC, voltage customizable. Monostable solenoid.