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Solenoids & Solenoid Valves Manufacturer - SUMMIT

Summit Elec-Tech Co., Ltd., since 1999, is a solenoids | solenoid valves manufacturer based in Taiwan. Our products have been serving clients including Danaher, HP, Zurn, Benz and GM, with a solid reputation, as well as providing 100% quality control.

Wide-ranging industrial solenoid valves and solenoids for hydraulic and pneumatic applications, SUMMIT is a global manufacturer that has advanced analysis software and high standard manufacturing processes.

SUMMIT has been offering customers high-quality solenoids & solenoid valves since 1999, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, SUMMIT ensures each customer's demands are met.

Company Profile


Summit is a professional design and produce solenoid valve company. We satisfied our client in every aspect which includes quality, cost, design and estimate of application with professional R&D teamwork, advanced analysis software and mature manufacture process. Furthermore, we insist on rapid productivity to help customers to cope with fast changing market. We design and produce all kinds of customized solenoid valve, car valves, steam valve, water valve, ink valve, proportional valve etc ...
clients include Danaher, HP, Zurn, Benz and GM ... etc.


Summit provides finest products and the most suitable solutions for our clients. The business philosophy of Summit are Integrity, Innovation, Diversity and Satisfaction.

Abiding by the laws or regulations both legitimate or ethically.

Always put ourselves in the position of a challenger to make ideas to practice.

Maintaining the diversity of our product range.

Treating clients as partners to meet the needs and satisfaction.

Our Team

In order to manufacture high quality products, we divided into different departments by professionalization. Therefore, we are able to let our professionals to use equipments and information wisely and effectively.

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    For factory management, we uphold
  1. Flexible and reasonable production plan,
  2. Accurate material control,
  3. Effective and sophisticated production technology,
  4. Professionalization, improve efficiency and quality.