Water Valve for Automatic Sensor Faucet

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Water Valve for Automatic Sensor Faucet Solenoid & Solenoid Valve Manufacturer - SUMMIT

Summit Elec-Tech Co., Ltd. is one of the Water Valve for Automatic Sensor Faucet solenoid | solenoid valve manufacturers that provides customized solenoid valves, car valves, steam valves, water valves, ink valves, proportional valves for clients such as Danaher, HP, Zurn, Benz and GM since 1999.

Wide-ranging hydraulic and pneumatic industrial solenoid valves and solenoids with strong customization capabilities, SUMMIT is a solenoid and solenoid valve manufacturer that has advanced analysis software and mature manufacturing processes.

SUMMIT has been offering customers high-quality solenoids & solenoid valves since 1999, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, SUMMIT ensures each customer's demands are met.

Water Valve for Automatic Sensor Faucet


Customized product.
Stabilized water flow control.
Compliance with FDA regulation.
Operating time less than 25 millisecond.


1.Type-Mangnetically latched solenoid valve for faucet1.Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psi
2.Operating Voltage 3.6-6.5 VDC (loaded voltage)2.Minimum Operating Pressure: 0 psi
3.Drive Circuit(at 80psi air pressure.)
3.1 Latch 3.1.1 30msec pulse for source voltages>1.0 VDC
3.1.2 45msec pulse for source voltages>1.0 VDC,
3.2 Unlatch
3.2.1 25msec pulse for source voltages>1.0 VDC <2.7VDC
3.2.2 35msec pulse for source voltages>1.0 VDC <2.7VDC,
3.3 Voltage is measured at 12 msec into pulse (loaded voltage)
4.Lead Spade connector Strength: No dislocation after 12 lb.
Pulling force for each spade terminal is applied for 5seconds.
4.Coil resistance 3.3 ohm ± 53.Minimum Envelope Burst Pressure: 500 psi
5.Insulation resistance Withstands: 1000V /60Hz for one second.5.Mechanical life: 1,000,000 cycles minimum at 80 psi,60℃ 900 ms/cycle,4.5 VDC.
6.Insulation Class: A6.Plunger diameter 0.300" fluted
7.Plunger tip diameter 0.240" with 0.160" exposed seal material mechanically attach
8.Internal Components which are in contact with water flow must be
8.1 Of National Sanitation Foundation(NSF 61) approved materials for potable water
8.2 Corrosion resistant


  • Sanitary equipment, automatic toilet flush.