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Proportional Valve Manufacturers - SUMMIT

Based in Taiwan, Summit Elec-Tech Co., Ltd. is one of the Proportional Valve manufacturers that provide reliable and safe air valves, industrial solenoid valves and CNC Lathe products in operations, since 1999.

Wide-ranging industrial solenoid valves, solenoid coils, CNC lathe products used in electronics, automotive, consumer electronics and medical electronics industries.

For applications, there are push pull solenoid for massager chairs, tubular solenoid for medicine cabinet locks, air valve for coffee machines, proportional valve for arm blood pressure manometers and wrist blood pressure manometers.

SUMMIT has been offering customers high quality Solenoid, Solenoid Valve, Solenoid Coil, CNC Lathe Products since 1999. With both advanced technology and 30 years of experience, SUMMIT makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Proportional Valve


Customized product.
Quick exhaust air valve.
Could control the release speed by using analog voltage or pulse width modulation.


Rated voltageDC2.0V~DC3.5V
Rated current100mA REF
DC resistance30 ohm(20℃)±10%
Rated power consumption0.3W
Rated use conditionContinuous
Rated pressureMax. 300 Hg
Rated temperature0~45℃
Insulation gradeA class
Use fluidAir
LeakageDC2.3V supply to solenoid at 100 C.C tank with 300 mm Hg max., the pressure reduction is less than 4mm HG/min.
Release speed3~5 mm Hg from 270 mm HG to 30 mmHg
Exhaust speed  From 260 mm Hg to 15 mm HG in 3 seconds.(at 100C.C. tank)


  • Arm blood pressure manometer, wrist blood pressure manometer.